How Can A Sexually Submissive Man Be Happy In A Dominant Relationship

These days BDSM is no longer a hush-hush affair. Being dominant and being submissive is a choice which every individual can choose, irrespective of gender. Numerous men enjoy the dominance in a relationship. Most of the time, it is referred to as being kinky.

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Being submissive in a relationship is more than a role play. Not only it is a sensual feeling but it also heightens the sexual experience. Additionally, partners who are into this kind of relationship can also freely get into role play.

Understanding the power dynamics

When a female becomes dominant in a relationship she dominates the male in the bed and also in the relationship. There is a shift in power dynamics in the relationship. There can be an interchange of power and conviction.

However, it does not mean that the female will behave like a tyrant in the relationship and will make you feel insignificant. It is just that she is the person who is better in making decisions in real life, has got more force in her character. Since this type of woman enjoys the power they are exactly the same in the bed. Most of the women tend to give pleasure when they are dominant.

While submissive men are on the receiving end, they can end up having complete sexual satisfaction and heightened levels of orgasm. Here the female often prioritizes the feelings and the enjoyment of the male, by taking charge. Additionally, you can also enjoy various sexual positions.

Involvement in a Dominant and Submissive Relationship

Whenever somebody is identified as a dominant, mostly it includes major power play between the sheets. It can also spill over to the other aspect of a relationship.

As per recent sexual studies, the results are shocking. It has been reported that major men who exhibit higher levels of serotonin in their brain are submissive in real life. Since they do not fall for power struggle and let the woman control the relationship, they can enjoy a major part of their personal time.

Also at home, they receive exciting sex with extreme pleasure. Here the male can also switch roles in a sexual act if they want to. There is no hard and fast rule of playing submissive throughout the relationship.

There are also few men where a dominant and submissive relationship is only confined to the bedroom. Most of the time both the partners are aware of their wants and are a pre-arranged set up. They can get into role plays like teacher and student or even cop and robber.

After the sex is over, then the male regains their power in the relationship and continues just like any other vanilla romance. This is sometimes being called semi-submissive. This can restore the male ego and curb most of the problems, arising from a power struggle in a relationship.