The GIFT CARD That Wins Customers

Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance are electronic cards (email, sms) that can be presented to friends, employees, used in loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, for motivating colleagues, etc. Gift cards are sold in the checkout area in retail chains,  through specialize Internet sites, corporate networking sites, shopping centers, gift stores,  corporate customers.

A gift card allows the bearer to receive goods or services for the amount of the nominal value

Gift vouchers are an important part of America’s merchant retailer range. During the holiday season, cards become an important source of income for retailers, as well as generate traffic in stores after the holiday. For sellers, the value of the gift card exceeds its monetary value: they often lead to the sale of related products, and also helps in the promotion of the brand.

In 2013, the number of gift cards sold and received remains stable. This good news for retailers, especially given the fact that the entire industry currently going through a difficult period. Another positive trend is an increase in the segment of electronic gift cards, especially among young people and tech-savvy buyers. It is assume that their sales rates will increase as buyers become more and more aware of this format of gift cards and the benefits they provide.

  • Note that the market for gift cards in the United States today is 116 billion dollars . per year, and the annual growth dynamics is about  10% . In 2012, in America, every person on average purchased 5 gift cards.
  • Interestingly, the demand for cards of a certain chain of stores is growing, while universal cards that can be used in several networks are falling.
  • Retail chains selling specialized or discounted products in 2012 remain the most popular distributors of gift cards. The sales of gift cards at department stores and fast food restaurants rose slightly in 2012.

Birthdays and Christmas are the most popular reasons for purchasing a card

As in 2011, birthdays and Christmas were at the top of the list of popular reasons for buying cards. There also an increase in the number of cards donate for Christmas – more than half of the respondents purchase at least one card during this period. Also, half of those who receive one or more cards as a gift during the year receive at least one of them for Christmas.

Consumers who purchase cards for a particular holiday (for example, at Christmas) prefer the appropriate design of the card and the presence of a festive package or envelope. However, in general, the presence of high-quality packaging or additional offers (such as a stand for the card, which can also be used as a photo frame) does not affect the choice of the buyer.

 The GIFT CARD That Wins Customers

Gift cards are highly value by both consumers and their sellers

Consumers still consider cards more valuable than gifts for an equal, or even larger amount. 93% of consumers would prefer a card for $ 25 to a gift for the same amount, and 85% would prefer a card for $ 30 to a gift of the same value.