The Perfect Storage of the Bitcoin

Before buyingBitcoin you need a place like StsRoyal where you can store them. In the world of cryptocurrencies, this place is referred to as a “wallet” or wallet, and they come in a variety of forms. Different types of wallets offer Bitcoin owners a variety of security, storage, and access options.

It’s also important to mention that a wallet does not physically store your bitcoins. Instead, it stores private keys that are essential for accessing a bitcoin address and for outputting bitcoin. These digital keys are needed to sign a transaction, and losing it as a user also looses access to its bitcoins.

The five main types of BTC wallets are desktop, mobile, online, hardware and paper.

Types of wallets

Desktop Wallets

A desktop wallet is installed on the user’s computer, providing complete control over the funds and relative budget security. “Thick” (or “heavy”) desktop wallet downloads the entire blockchains and ensures regular updates. “Thin” (or “light”) programs download the required data from other sources. Despite the fact that the key is stored on the user’s computer, there is a risk of downloading erroneous data.

Mobile wallets

The main benefit of using a mobile wallet is that it keeps the user’s money at hand. They provide a very convenient way to pay for goods by scanning QR codes. In some cases, users can use the smartphone’s NFC sensors to simply hold the phone to a reader to automatically pay for it. A common feature of all mobile wallets is that they are not full Bitcoin clients. This is because a full Bitcoin client would need to download the entire blockchain, which is constantly growing and now requires several gigabytes of storage space.

The Perfect Storage of the Bitcoin

Online Wallets

Using a web-based wallet, users’ private keys are stored online on a server controlled by a third party and connected to the Internet. While allowing people to access their funds from any device worldwide, there is always a risk that the server will be hacked or even the organization running the service take control of their bitcoins.

Hardware Wallets

These are portable storage media, such as USB sticks. This storage method for keys has not been successful because it is only suitable for long-term storage and not for commerce. On the other hand, the computer is not overloaded.


One of the safest options for Bitcoin storage is the so-called Paper-Wallet. These include a printout with a QR code with a public address and a private key. This option is suitable for long-term storage and is especially aimed at people who do not trust electronic devices.