What is the online poker tournament?

Today poker players are drawn to poker tournaments like a bored wife drawn to reality shows. Online poker has made it easy to enter the poker tournament and win a real cash prize. There is no need for you to wait in lines and from your home console you can enjoy playing poker tournaments. Today there is the biggest online poker tournament which takes place regularly and they select ten out of thousands of players every week.

To play the poker tournament one can pick the best online site like Situs online poker which offers you 24/7 playing services. There are three criteria you will have to focus on that is- variety, volume, and rewards. Variety is necessary if you like playing tournaments in games outside of no-limit hold’em freezeout event. Some sites offer you various options with bounty, shootouts and fast-fold tournaments.

What is a poker tournament?

Unlike the cash game that runs indefinitely; an online poker tournament starts at a predetermined time with every player buying a ticket to this event at a particular price. It starts at the same time along with the same number of chips. Players can play as long as they are eliminated and they lose all their chips. A set number of players get paid on the descending scale from winner to last paid finishing end. Players who fall below the lowest-paid spot have to leave the tournament.

Buy-ins for this tournament can run from small pennies up to $1 million making it the most expensive tournament in the world.

MTTs or Multi-Table tournaments-

MTT are standard in poker online. Like all other tournaments, you pay the buy-in fees as well as get a stack of chips. When these chips are lost, you are out of the tournament. MTTs take place over multi-tables with a particular number of players per table as well as have certain designated beginning time.

When a player begins to bust out from the tournament, an uneven number of players remains to the table and the table is broken. Players are then distributed randomly to other tables having empty seats. It is difficult to win MTTs however when you win it is a big score.

Sit and Go’s-

This was pioneered online and it is the popular online poker tournament. A sit and go is only one or two tables. It starts as soon as the seat is filled. Most of the sites have sit & go beginning every few minutes or even in seconds. Payout is given to the top 3 players depending on an available number of tables.

Shootout tournaments-

These are combinations of MTTs and sit and go’s. The whole tournament has a huge field, however, you play at one table at one time until there is one person available at each table. The winner of each table moves to the next round and action is repeated until the winner is obtained. A number of rounds will depend on the size of the field however if you win each Sit & go you will win the tournament.

 Turbo tournament-

Online poker is faster than live tournament however if you wish to crank up the action then try out the turbo tournament. Turbo tournament is standard MTT or sit and go’s where blind level increases fast, making fast play as well as quick decisions a requirement.

Bounty tournament-

These are simply MTTs where you get a prize on knocking out a player. Sometimes there is a bounty placed on specific players such as celebrities and poker pros whereas in other tournament player gets a bounty each time they bust another player.

What is the online poker tournament?

Satellite tournaments-

These are just tournaments in which the prize you play for is the buy-ins to the other bigger prize pool. Chris’s moneymaker was the one who won $10000 seat in the 2003 WSOP main tournament through $40 satellite.

So, being a poker online android player you must try out all type of poker tournament. These tournaments are not just entertaining but they give you opportunity to play with pros and celebrity. Also, you earn a lot of profit by winning the tournaments. So, develop good poker strategy and build up confident and enter the tournament today.

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